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JEETEE 1.5 QT/2 QT/2.5 QT Sauce Pan with Lid, Non Stick Small Pot with Coating, Masterclass Cookware Sauce Pot for Cooking, PFOA/PFOS Free


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Performance: The ultimate nonstick cookware for efficient searing, braising and deglazing. Healthy Cooking: Eco-friendly nonstick promotes low-fat cooking with little or no oil. Durability: Rugged, long-wearing nonstick coating is dishwasher and metal-utensil safe.

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From J-TEE® TechnIQ

J-TEE® TechnIQ

Meet J-TEE®'s first line of nonstick cookware inspired by professional chefs – and designed for everyday cooking at home. Each piece is engineered for the ultimate performance, combining the latest technology with commercial-grade, PFOA-free STAR®+ nonstick. This advanced, next-generation nonstick provides 30% better release than the original STAR®.

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